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glad i checked your old blog to find that you are blogging again. i recently ordered a quilt kit- they cut all the fabrics out for me, just now need to start sewing. thanks for always being an inspiration! : )


he you...miss me...Hope things are going great for ya..LOVE your quilts....Happy Sunday!

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Wow, Tina! You're totally on a "roll" (pun intended). Love that you've jumped feet first into this great hobby. I've always thought quilting was very much like scrapbooking on so many levels.

Anyway, you must do a scalloped edge at some point. You must, you must. You'll love it and you won't look back-lol. I think a scalloped edge is easier to install than a straight edge. Seriously, it is.

Let me know when you're ready and I'll send you a copy of my scallop template.

Ashley Harris

Sweet!! I am so happy to share this lovely hobby with you. Another thing we have in common. Thanks for the well wishes for Ell. We love this little girl. Hey I will email you, I have question for you.


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Love this easy tutorial! Can you tell me how this would be done with charm packs?

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