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Hi there,
We are going to be doing a silent auction at our rummage sale on May 17-19 to help raise funds for our adoption. We have been waiting over 2 1/2 years to be matched. I am wondering if you would like to donate something to bid on?
Our blog is
Thank you so much!


i've been thinking about this since we went. you should talk to the manager and see if they would save back and give you first dibs of the old sheets, since you are such a good, regular customer. they might be happy to do that. also, i think i need to go through your stash and commission you to make a shower curtain for the kids' bathroom. cuz, you know, you don't have anything else to do. ;o)


I love thrifting, and I miss all of the thrift stores I used to frequent back in Wisconsin. Sadly, Washington DC is lacking in the thrift store department. :(

Growing up, my mom had that whole set of green pyrex bowls! They're pretty awesome!

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